Your situation
You have come to live in the Netherlands and you are looking for work, preferably in your own profession. No matter how many applications you send, you don’t get a job.
You don’t speak Dutch (yet) or, despite all efforts, it just isn’t good enough.

What you need is some help in finding a position and simultaneously learn Dutch as well as knowledge about working in the Netherlands. This is what our project Boost your Future offers you.

Boost your future
After we have established your possibilities we look for a position in a company that wishes to employ you. Depending on your professional and language skills you will be working in your new position as well as educated and coached by us during six to twelve months.
Apart from a professional assessment there will be regular evaluations. Separate acquired competences will be certified.
At the end of this period your temporary contract will be renewed or extended.
You will be able to develop further within the company.
The project will be financed out of your wages.

When you are interested in Boost your Future, fill out the contact form. We will make an appointment and discuss the details of the project with you. Then you decide whether you would like to participate.