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At this moment 12,000 refugees with a residence permit are living in asylum centers as they have no other place to live. The solution to this problem? Ensure that these people have jobs! Working is the best way of integrating and becoming part of society. Having a meaningful occupation increases self confidence and makes you less reliant on others.

There is also an economic benefit: people who work pay taxes and contribute to our society. is aimed at bringing together the wide array of talent offered by refugees and employers offering suitable jobs.

Let’s work together and create a better society!

Where do we stand?

We want to create this sturdy and durable so good preparation is half the battle. Right now we are busy with the recruitment of interested entrepreneurs, CEO’s and managers who like us want to make a social and positive contribution. At the same time we are working on the realization of the matching platform itself and the integration of social media features. And of course we speak with refugees and professionals about the real needs. So no theory, we want to build a practical solution.


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Participating as a refugee

Do you have a residence permit? Are you in the process of obtaining a residence permit? Fill in the form on this site. We will try and match your experience with vacancies offered to us by employers to help you find a new job and kick start your career.

Participating as a company

Refugees with a residence permit are all keen to show their talent and worth and want to find a job in their new home country as soon as possible. Having a meaningful occupation and making use of your skills is the most effective way of integrating into society and start feeling at home. Many refugees are highly qualified and have vital work experience in their home country. By creating vacancies for these highly competent refugees with a residence permit, you participate in the beginning of a journey for a highly motivated workforce.

Participating as a sponsor

Are you unable to offer refugees jobs but willing to help in another way? Sign up as a sponsor! Fill in the form for more information or to find out how to financially support this initiative. Many organizations and individuals give their time and competencies for free to this initiative in order to match refugees seeking work and employers offering suitable jobs as soon as possible but sometimes money has to be spent to get things done properly and quickly. That’s why donations, however small, are very welcome.


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Work without Borders is grateful for and to the current volunteers and everyone who has helped us in the past.

Do you want to become a volunteer? Send us an email!.

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